The Features You Need

Holistic View

Create and organize workflows, track client progress, and prioritize your day from a single dashboard.

Client Progress

Generate summaries and performance analytics on all client tasks and workflows managed in Hubly.

Built for Scale

Provide a consistent experience for more clients with the simplest way to scale subscription-based financial advice.

Hubly helps advisors integrate every step of the goal based financial planning process

Client Lifecycle Management

Integrated with your CRM, Hubly lets advisors be better financial educators, project managers, and accountability partners, enabling advisory firms to scale while keeping all of your clients happy.

Financial Educator

Hubly's tools streamline the financial analysis and goal setting process, leading to a faster delivery of personalized recommendations.

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Project Manager

Hubly simplifies how advisors manage client goals, projects, and the implementation of financial strategies and tools.

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Accountability Partner

With Hubly advisors can create, manage, and automate their subscription-based service calendars to ensure a consistent client experience.

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How Hubly is bringing value to their advisory firm.

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